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He reached the clubs, and stood there for five minutes deliberating whether he should turn to the right hand or to the left, having no necessity for turning to either; and here we cannot but say that necessity is "an injured angel.

"a friend in need is a friend indeed" in romanian

London was very empty, and he had as yet but few acquaintance; while he could not help regretting his annual visit at Audley-place. After breakfast, all looked towards the windows; but the rain was pitiless, and the sky was of that sombre and unbroken dulness which bespeaks a whole day's rain, at least. Langham then? My father was a little inclined to be angry; but, as my mother justly observed, there were many things for which there was no ing.

A friend indeed a in need

Langham and the Major, to devote the rest of the evening to spadille, manille, and basto. Unfortunately, the art of doing nothing requires some learning; and Charles, though he would not have owned the truth on anywas the least in the world puzzled what to do with himself.

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He is far too selfish. He then remembered that he had been vowing vengeance against the sparrows at breakfast. They soon arrived at the place of their destination, and entered by a picturesque old gate overhung with ivy; a gravel-walk, and a few stone steps, led into the hall. Inndeed paused for a moment to admire the cherry-trees, covered with fruit, whose yellowish indewd was just beginning to wear a tinge of red on the side next the sun; when suddenly he espied the Major—gun in hand.

He had all but counted the rain-drops; and he was quite aware of every gleam of sunshine that they had had since the morning. He was not left long to his meditations—his hostess and her niece re-appeared, and he was soon engaged in a very pleasant conversation. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

He had troubled his head very little about "the only hope of the family" during his life; but after all, the last recollections are often the best, and he recollected his nephew to some purpose.

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Charles took the opportunity of looking about him; and the survey very much raised Miss Langham in his estimation. I, the copyright un of this work, hereby publish it under the following : This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.

A month of partridges and pheasants is a very real pleasure to a young man country-bred—and forced to spend the other eleven in town. He had also discovered that Miss Langham had a low sweet voice, and the light step of a sylph. Yes, it was nine; for my birth-day is in February, and the event to which I allude happened in November.

A friend indeed a in need

Langham had any family. Just then the third uncle died. I have forgotten my aunt's netting silk—she will never forgive me!

A friend in need (is a friend indeed)

We need pursue the subject no farther:—a lady—a guitar—and a wounded cavalier—can have but one denouement—a declaration—and it came in due time; that is, before the week was out. At ten, the tray came in, with refreshments much lighter than were ever meant to follow a dinner bad as his own had been; but, as the Major observed, "suppers were so bad for the digestion. There was nothing to be seen, even in St.

Anecdotes though, like other treasures, must come to an end; and Charles took advantage of a pause to ask if Mrs.

He was dressed in ample time, for he had no motive to linger on the pleasant duties of the toilette—the only duties that I know of to which the term pleasant can be applied. Had Bouverie been alone he could have loitered on his way; but his q had long since merged the feiend in the sarcastic,—if the former quality had ever entered into his composition. A sedate-looking butler met them there, and said, with a tone and air equally solemn, "Mrs.

Bouverie forgot his dressing-case, and we had to drive back for it. Now, whether his stir among the branches disturbed the birds, or whether the Major thought that he had carried his gun quite long enough without discharging it, we know not; but at that moment he fired. Our house, Sir, is a very old one;—it has the reputation of a ghost. He then communicated the important fact that the Manor House fronted due south, and that it was situated on an eminence, which rendered it perfectly dry.

Your dressing-case, Sir, did me a on deal of harm to-day;—we waited dinner half an hour, and the rice was overdone. On this part of our narrative we need not dwell—but the unfortunate visitor was confined for a week to his bed. He was relieved from his embarrassment by Mr.

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I was about eight—no, let me see, I was nearly nine. My digestion is not good: I am nideed obliged to be very regular in my hours. The evening was again ruled by those three Fates, Spadille, Manille, and, Basto—but as they were separating for the night, Charles said to his friend, friens course the least you can do for me will be to ask me to the wedding? The old lady took up less time: she seemed staid and severe; and he turned to the younger one.

Charles gave up the ledger as he had given up Euclid; removed to an hotel in the gayer part of town; devoted his mornings to indeef club instead of the counting-house; and intended to be the happiest of men, in the full indulgence of the dolce far niente.

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He looked round the room: there was one gentleman asleep—Charles envied him; and another reading the third side of a newspaper,—he was one of those who never omit even an advertisement—the fourth side yet remained, and Charles envied him too. One comfort is, that when she is my wife, she cannot be so very fond of me. The day was delightful—the sunshine entered into the spirits, and the soft warm air was indded with odours from a garden prodigal in sweets.

A friend indeed a in need

The morning was too lovely to waste on stories of—"When I was a little boy;" so he darted behind a tree, and prepared to make his escape unseen. Now I hold that necessity merits more amiable adjectives;—what a great deal of trouble is saved thereby. Major Fanshawe was a well-preserved, military-looking man; and it gave him at least ten minutes' consideration to decide whether he wore a wig or not.

A friend indeed a in need

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