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Editing a Macro key can make a button perform multiple operations. If you would like, you can modify it to another scope or key.

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Cancel casting key supported by 2. Doesn't this sound interesting to you? Remove the advertising watermark If you are not a VIP member, an advertising watermark will appear in the corner during a projection. Timer is the most important element in the game.

Click speed test - cps test

This is what you see at the end. Through that, we will show the end score to the users.

To implement the same, we would be needing the following things: A well defined area where user can click easily many of times. And for the same, we define the following variables, Score: It is to store the of clicks Duration: To define the time interval of the game. The only goal for the users will be to click the maximum of times in a span of 10 Seconds.

VIP can now use macro keys in the keymapping feature Macro keys are programmable buttons in the clickk versions 1. Optimize the right-mouse moving: a. After all the coding, now is the time to see your hard work finally pays off. When you press this button, it will click at multiple positions at the same time. You can use the letter Z to lock moving. One div for score area, including 3 span elements for the timer, score, and clicks by seconds.

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Posted on. Div for click area. You mojse adjust the size of casting range. In this, we are going to hide the start button, initialize the score and then we show that the game has started by initializing the ended variable to false. And after that, we define the callback function in the setinterval function which will be called each 1 millisecond. Here we create an HTML with the following elements mentioned below. All that left for developers is now the creative imagination to think of the perfect idea and implement it.

Click speed test

One listener is for the start button which will call the startGame function when the user click on it. Image with the branded logo for our game. Second is for the click area, for the update and showing of the score once the user clicks on the start button. But before that, we have to define a few general clkck for the Click speed test game.

Click mouse game

A button inside the div for the user to start the game. After purchasing VIP, the mouse wheel can scroll up and down to select equipment and without having to unlock the mouse.

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In the key mapping section, drag a macro key to the screen and click edit to open the macro editing window. In this article, I suggest all the developers out there to create a game where the players have to click a maximum of times in a limited time interval provided. Add the corresponding macro command to the macrokey, and you can go through different controls such as taking painkillers, throwing grenades and smoke bombs, while zooming in and out of the game map and looting a crate.

Once VIP is purchased, the watermark will disappear Keymapping cloud storage After purchasing VIP, click on keymapping andwhere you can store your local keymapping to the cloud.

For example, in PUBG mobile, you can set a button to open the map and release the button to turn off the map. Also, you can set a macro key to execute multiple click commands. This function will start the game when the user clicks on the start button.

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This step is optional, but if you are putting up this game for the general public, gmae you can put up a logo. Then, we again show the start button to the users to start the game once again. When you change your computer or the TC Games version, you can use the cloud keymapping directly.

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