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The two ladies lay on their sides, facing each other. Why It Works: This is another really over the top, hedonistic position.

Couples same room sex

She laid down on the floor and I offered my wife a massage too. The second guy should lay next to the first guy, but flipped degrees in the opposite orientation, if they really aren't into touching.

Two couples having sex in the same room

This position also works well whenever you transition to intercourse. Their respective partners should kneel in between their legs and perform oral sex. She then moved on top of her husband and began fucking him and I moved up on my wife and started fucking her too.

Couples same room sex

We massaged their legs while still "slipping" and touching their pussies some more and then the women offered massages to us. Why It Works: If the men are in opposite orientations, this position should allow the women to be facing each other. The second woman performs oral sex on the second guy.

My wife after a couple minutes got comfortable and removed the shirt which revealed her gorgeous breasts. I went down on my wife while the other guys wife went down on him.

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The other couple switched to doggy style a few minutes later and before he inserted himself into her, she moved closer to my wife. Swapped Oral How To Do It: Have the man from one couple and the woman from the other couple sit next to each other on the bed.

If the couples are positioned close enough to each other, you can start to reach out and caress the other couple. She had gorgeous DD breasts with pink nipples different than the light brown nipples that my wife has. Here are eight recommendations for the best couple-on-couple sex positions. Be slow and exaggerated in your movements so the audience can see every little detail. The girls are interested in playing with each other a bit kissing, touchingbut no actual sex.

Couples same room sex

As the massages progressed the other guy started massaging his wife's bare legs and her skirt was too tight for him couplea get too much leverage so soon after off came the skirt. She was kind of embarrassed because she wasn't wearing sexy panties, she likes the granny panty style because they are more comfortable for her. We happened to glance over and he was laying on his back with her licking up and down his shaft.

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Why It Works: You might have a lot of other emotions running through your head during your first group sex experienceso you might enjoy keeping it simple to begin with. If you choose to be side-by-side, the men can easily swap out partners. Bustle has enlisted Vanessa Marin, a sex therapistto help us out with the details. While talking we all kept on drinking. Both women will be in Cowgirl positionstraddling their respective partners.

By Vanessa Marin Jan.

Couples same room sex

The second couple gets to sit back and watch the first couple put on a show. She was positioned with her gorgeous ass in my direction so I reached over and played with her pussy while she was sucking on her man. The other guys wife finished his massage first, and without my wife and I noticing had removed his boxer briefs.

Couples same room sex

The other guy had finished with her lower legs and was busy massaging her thighs, and he was slipping fingers higher and rubbing her pussy and clit during this massage, and she quickly had coiples small but very audible orgasm. The first guy performs oral sex on the second woman. Why It Works: This is a really over-the-top position that can be incredibly sexy.

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The first time we met was at Buffalo Wild Wings and was just talking about life, families, likes, dislikes, etc. This position also works for intercourse. Have one couple start having sex, in whatever position they please. Not wanting to be outdone, i took off my underwear coupless well and my wife began stroking me.

Couples same room sex

The next time we hung out we met at our house, we ate dinner and had a couple drinks. If you couplles to face each other, the ladies can position themselves close enough to kiss each other.

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We convinced the ladies to flip over so we could massage room front of their legs, and my wife rolled over and pulled her shirt on top of her to hide her breasts. We started talking about sex, and what we liked, didn't like, etc. I was massaging my wife's legs through her pants, and she was saying that the friction was actually hurting her skin, so I suggested taking her pants off too since the other guys wife was already laying there in her underwear it wasn't that big of a deal.

We laid down and received our massages. The partners receiving oral sex can also start to kiss and play with each other. The other guys wife complained that her back was hurting so he offered to massage it.

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All that hard work is going to make it much more likely that you have a super hot night. That left his wife in a sexy orom thong laying on our living room floor. She can either lay on her stomach, or sit between his legs. That night we ended up back at the other couples house had had a make out session with our own spouses, and the women gave each other topless back massages still being discreet, and the husbands couldn't see anything.

She came so hard from the combination of the two that she actually squirted and filled my hand with her juices.

Two couples having sex in the same room

It feels like a hedonistic buffet! The woman being doubly penetrated gets to be the star of the show, and can get more stimulation than she might be able to handle. The orom can start off caressing and grinding up against each other.

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