Greek anal



Ironically, unless the woman was a prostitute was she given more time as apparently they were higher in society even more so than the wife and considered more influential and powerful.

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Wives were poorly educated and considered property, whilst only limited time was spent with them as they preferred the company of being with other men rather than being with women. It is a tongue that has given to almost all of the Indo-European languages, since a lot of its words are found in them.

The more I dove deeper into Greek history the more I learned that Greece was a male dominated and misogynistic culture. My Summary: Greek men enjoyed the company of one another but it was frowned upon if they were the receiver because this made them look feminine unless it was a young boy, slave or their anl ….

Today there are several dialects; Modern Greek. Not only is it a homosexual reference, but it was mainly between an adult and an adolescent, a form of pederasty rather than homosexuality.

Greek anal

Ok, so I get it now, lol. Its influence in those languages is mostly because of the Roman Empire for the Northen Territories the Greek Culture was very present in the Roman Empire and for Alexender the Great Empire for the Eastern part; for Alexender had chosen a new form of Greek that was derived from the Athenian one to be used as a franca langua for all the Empire The modern Greek is itself derived from the Alexender version.

So in short Greek men had affairs with little boys while their wives were aware and prostitutes held a higher status than their wives. The lowly state of the woman or wife in Greek society meant the penetrative anal sex was more likely to take place in heterosexual relationships or only with someone equally low rank like a slave.

How the actual term got pinned on Greeks probably stems from the fact that Greei were one of the first cultures to have the courage to discuss this practice. I began wondering if the Ancient Greece indulged in an excessive amount of anal sex or were they just the first to discover the pleasure of anal sex?

Greek anal

Having sex with women during that era was mainly for procreation and they encouraged male bonding to the fullest extent. And that is how they got around calling themselves greekk.

So for this reason, it was considered acceptable to geeek a relationship with a young man between the age of which was considered consenting age. Saltmarsh16 December UTC.

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Whatever you decide to call it, I personally wanted to know more about the origination of the term itself. Men had all the rights and power in their society.

A language spoken primarily in Greece and Cyprus with is older form, proto-greek spoken in Crete nearly years ago. It may have also been used as an effective form of birth control. Ancient Greeks actually considered women inferior.

Although at some point, they unanimously denounced this practice, the association remained. Well, I thought I did.

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