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Guide to flirting

Keep it on the sunny side. But then flirting — and learning to communicate with the opposite sex — is fast becoming as acceptable as Latin, or even Ancient Greek.

Slobs don't get snogs. Even simple things like not hunching your shoulders or staring at your feet can make all the difference.

The machiavellian's guide to flirting: for both men and women

Flirting expert Peta Heskell of the splendidly named Attraction Academy says it's never too late to start, however out of practice we might feel. Step 4: Pay her a compliment It's time to approach, but don't blow it with a cheesy chat-up line. Talk with your eyes. Send out some sneaky flirt als: Tip 1: Stand slightly apart from the rest of your group to demonstrate your individuality Tip 2: Filrting exaggerate your usual gestures to grab her attention Tip 3: Point your body in her direction to show her you're interested Step 3: Make eye contact Body language experts call this the 'eyebrow flash'.

Instead ask questions like: 'So what do you do for fun?

Guide to flirting

It's about good interaction with other people. And it's not just about pulling a member of the opposite sex.

Step 1: Pay attention to your appearance First impressions are everything in the flirting game and a well-groomed man holds more appeal than one with grubby fingernails and scruffy clothes. And now some of our finest legal minds are asking for help.

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If you see her do the same to you, she's interested — even more so if she parts her lips or smiles. The guiee at St Mary's Ascot probably wouldn't think so.

Guide to flirting

Gambino, a native Sicilian actor, who is currently working on a play about the mafia, was shown around the school flkrting a boy who was ''handsome as an angel''. Our eyes are one of the most powerful tools we have for communicating with other people. This was followed by a workshop in which he asked the boys to pretend they were at a party where they didn't know a soul. Now what?

Guide to flirting

Nearly all women want a man who makes them laugh and is fun to be with. Hint: 'great boobs' doesn't count.

Guide to flirting

After a fabulous foie gras dinner, he performed a cabaret act in front of some 50 boys, aged between 13 and Lock eyes with her and — quickly and subtly — allow your brows to rise and fall. Make eye contact with her and, just in your mind, tell her why you find tk attractive. GSOH good sense of humour is the most common phrase in personal.

Guide to flirting

She's definitely interested. An honest compliment will be better received.

Guide to flirting

Follow our Onelife guide and bag yourself a babe! Flirting: a beginner's guide by a professor of love An Italian Casanova is teaching Britons how to seduce, says Casilda Grigg.

They've got lots of tricks of their own. Even notoriously shy IT workers, better known for their grasp of megabytes than their skills at seduction, are being sent on workshops. Gambino's visit to Eton College followed hot on the heels of a seduction lecture he fliritng to lawyers at the Inner Temple. Step 2: Stand out from the crowd If you're out with a posse of blokes, your prospective pull might be too intimidated to come over.

Don't spoil the conversation by encouraging her to talk about something she'd rather avoid.

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Alternatively, start with a generic icebreaker like: 'Why haven't I seen you here before? And, if all goes to plan, this should be the happy conclusion to your night out. Finally, look at her mouth when she speaks — deep down she'll be wondering whether you're thinking about ti her, which in turn will make her think about kissing you.

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