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Hot cousin stories

Nic hard promised that we would do this again, and that is one promise I'll make sure he keeps. I slapped her tits around and squeezed them really hard and she loved it.

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She was wearing skintight jeans that could have been painted on. I worked it further and further in until her anus was at the middle of my cock. As soon as I walked in the house and saw her, Yot felt my dick rise. The bathroom door was open just a bit so I peeked in and to my wonderful surprize I saw Nic stroking his hard erect cock. One mourning I came down stairs, to find a note from my mom that said that she had went to a baby shower and she wouldnt be back till later that after noon.

Slowly I could feel his cock stiffen in my hands, so I moved my mouth back to his cock and sucked it in beep, Nic let out an even storles moan. I felt the back of her throat on my cock and she started to gag like a little slut and that just made me reach climax faster.

It felt so good. She had beautiful big dtoriesa nice round squishy ass, brown hair and a gorgeous face. She had a white tank top on with cleavage coming out of everywhere. She turned around and started sucking my cock again, savoring every ounce of piss for herself.

My cousin was my hero. until the day he tried to kill me.

I came and it all went into her ass. This was Nic's first dry spell in a long time. So I stopped sucking her tit and pucker her forcefully down to her knees. We were both drenched in piss, especially my cousin.

Hot cousin stories

We laid together in the mess of cum and vousin. She was 18 and I was I quickly started to push for the piss.

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I squeezed her ass and pulled it towards me. It went all over her sexy face and in her eye and mouth like the dirty slut she was. Suddenly Nic stkries out a strong moan and I saw his balls tighten and his legs twitch as he sprayed his thick creamy man juice all over the sink and floor, more then anything I wanted to go in their and lick up his jizz but I resisted the cuosin and instead went back to the kitchen to eat some cereal. She was such a whore and I loved it.

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I sucked got as far down into my mouth as I could and bit down a little. Then were her hot voice said, "I'm alright you? I want it so bad.

My cousin storiess a cum loving whore, and I loved it. It was so fucking nice I wanted to cum in it so bad I finally got my dick all the way inside her ass and then started to thrust.

My first time sex with my hot cousin

Cum inside my abused pussy. She pulled her face clusin and took off her tank top, the slut wasn't even wearing a bra and her big tits exploded out in front of my face.

Hot cousin stories

Nic began to get angry and agitated, its the way Nic gets when he doesnt have sex in a while. I sucked my cousins cock till it grew harder and harder, I couldnt get the whole thing in my mouth so I had to use my hands to help beat him off, I ran my hands up and down his now hard shaft where my mouth couldnt reach. The smell of her room was so incredible, exactly the smell you would dream about.

Hot cousin stories

She said not really, and god knows what that means, so I didn't want to ask and find out that she did have a boyfriend then feel like I couldn't have her because I wanted her so damn bad! Nic trusted his cock deep in my ass everytime he would for me down on his cock, I moaned with each trust feeling his giant cock deep inside me.

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And bite them hard I've been so fucking bad". So we went up to her room because that's what happens, adults in one area, kids in another, but she wasn't a. I moved around between Nic's legs and got on my knees as Nic watched me, I grabed his limp cock in my hands and held it close to my mouth I circled my mouth around his cock head running my tongue under his fourskin, Nic moaned softly as he put his strong hands behind his head.

I face fucked her so fast that she started to cough and choke on my dick.

It was so tight. It was amazing.

Hot cousin stories

I slapped my cock on her pussy as she moaned. I put it in as far as it would go. She got up stoories my cock and cum came out of her pussy.

Hot cousin stories

It was so fucking hot. Nic looked up yot me in surprise and gave me a questioning frown, he stopped lifting as he stared at me. I said no, but I didn't stop there.

My hot cousin part 1

Luckily she didn't get pregnant. She ate and drank so much cum and piss. I love watching sexy hot girls who seem to be popular get taken advantage of like this, with my cum streaming out of her ass. It was so hot.

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