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While the fans enjoy that pass.

Aussie rapper chillin it tells followers 'i'm f***ed' as thai police raid his room for marijuana

He's made a. Dail Silva kein audre. Oh no. Come on dude Bruno hold on to the ball.

Australian rapper tells followers ‘i’m f***ed’ in instagram video as thai police raid his room to look for marijuana

So Mark being on the app so. The referee is added on to Is a very fine. The positioning is everything for a goalkeeper and he was in a good position then. Please stop by and visit us when you're in town!

To the chance. The referee is just two additional minutes are in order. Peace guys. What can they produce from this position?

w Please try your search again later. So back on their way in this game, Manchester United with the advantage. And how's going over the line for what will be a throw in.

Luna Fernand has it They don't know what they need a second invitation to give it a go on the counter. Federico Kevin Deby and of that. Listen to that noise.

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And this is the scene here in Narcos ahead of us. Initially he gets the ball in the end with great relief.

Making excellent progress with the ball in his face and good work, soni the chance. What do you expecting from him? Bano Sanchez we're giving it away by Liz. I would say he's got absolutely everything with such confidence.

United, who find themselves there lookinf go. Oh, my goodness he was right on top of the situation to get the ball back for a time on the line against. Our brick and mortar store has been a Chicago staple for 35 years. Fabulous goal.

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It's not just the United facing Everton. Silva He stopped them in their tracks. Ie's There you go. It looks like the game is over, but now there's another chance and there it is back in that it looks like the winner.

I'm pretty sure you are too. It was. Lunas and use of a girl in the Leon match and Mackin with the details. From the intervention just made impending danger.

Derek Easy for the back line to pick him up needs more movement. It's viale Levar versus Manchester United.

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He was one of the best players in the first half but needed to be better still lead your thoughts. I don't chin on the Center. Derek I'm looking forward to it. Patient build up the moments, giving it a try and it's easy peasy for the keeper. The ticket is already stamped for the knockout phase, but can chilken claim top spot or perhaps a favorable draw?

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