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Cuz they're leaving the door alone, they're just here protecting the vehicle. Whether you want a regular fuck buddy or just casual no strings action in Grand Prairie, we recommend only one site and it's not Craigslist. He might have to pick his kids up some dinner or something, but he fled to the McDonald's and they got a suspect.

So, you know that lady that was like wanted to get me out of there. Let's see if Chipotle will come and tell me to get out of here. I ain't gonna try to roll up on them down the street trying to get the front view.

Looking men for Grand prairie private relation

I'm sorry uh there was a shooting at the coals and then they believe they have a suspect innocent until proven guilty It was apprehended and I think they're just waiting for crime scene to come. Thank you.

Looking men for Grand prairie private relation

We got some bad individuals right like if you get bad service at Chick-fil-A. I'm not about to ask for a fry.

Looking men for Grand prairie private relation

If you want Chipotle give me your order now cuz I ain't waiting around for orders after the fact, so if you want something you all should let me know look it ain't that busy in there nothing. Yeah here in the vicinity right here. Slashed them.

We got a Grajd scene tape out here as well. We are talking over Wait they just driving through they shut them down. I mean dang. I'm just kidding with you.

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I ain't got nothing on smash. Alright guys.

Looking men for Grand prairie private relation

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Hey y'all this hold up prairje a second. And So I'm about to end the zoom. Yeah on another note, no way on the drive thru the drive-thru is open at McDonald's and there is no way. The site is full of people like you looking for bi lovers and casual encounters or friends.

Looking men for Grand prairie private relation

Get ready for swinger's stories from couples who want black guys for a white woman, interracial wife swapping and swinger's classifieds from real people wanting hookups in Grand Prairie, Texas. I don't know that that was there earlier, II don't think so.

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I could yeah, you know what I think you're right. Hey you can't hang out here. Yeah, I privage not know the young man in the backseat.

I believe maybe. Yeah, they won't let me get in there, but we're here at this coals right and the store is still open so we know nothing happened inside the store so.

Looking men for Grand prairie private relation

What do Y'all say Y'all say we call it a night. It look like it's the same person prairje was in the backseat the first time we're looking at the scene.

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Witness testimony and I believe that suspect Lookong been hold off somewhere else maybe for questioning and we're just sitting out here waiting for crime scene to show up it looks like they're gonna take a look at that vehicle right straight over there with the door open so I got a couple of votes to drive over to Kohl's and I'm about to do that. There was a shooting at Kohl's Y'all.

So guys in case Y'all didn't know we switch locations. No matter what you are into, you can find what you're looking for in the swinger personal.

Looking men for Grand prairie private relation

So okay so gentlemen coming in to gold's um just said that there is a large presence at the at the McDonald's so whoever brought that up thanks again. It looks like you got a couple of vehicles.

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