Mistress alexis



misttress Not so important for me as I am junkie for realistic degradation, emotional abuse and being beaten by hands and feet. Her range of dominant expression is broad and keeps me alert.

Mistress Alexis has scary intuition and is quite knowledgeable about practical things. We shared a hearty, spontaneous laugh over this.

Foot slap after foot slap, connected at the perfect impact. Her kicks were amazing.

Mystique chamber

She's a youthful yet experienced Asian Domina, in L. Premise[ edit ] Rachel seems to have a perfect family until she discovers that her marriage is a scheme for her husband to inherit her wealth.

Mistress alexis

Her place is on the Venice boardwalk, a small but clean utility apartment. The slaps Her delicate but determined hands delivered nearly made me cum on the spot.

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Eventually, the child grows up under the name of Liza who will eventually fall in love with Nimfa's stepson, Jay. She genuinely likes obedience.

Mistress alexis

She is usually very centered, qlexis calm control, yet She can explode with feminine fury if something upsets Her. A fun and luscious Mistress.

Msitress, the creative Goddess wiped her well used period pad across my face a treat for me making me look like I had been seriously obliterated. She said i had a face that looked like it was begging to be kicked. Alexis is exotically very pretty, in fantastic physical shape and real about her dominance.

Everyone has different tastes but i recommend Mistress Mistrfss. It didn't take long for her to get me on my knees figuratively as well. The mistress, Nimfa seeks revenge by stealing Rachel's daughter Mikaela.

They hurt but did not harm and i didn't want them to stop. She catches her husband and the mistresses leading to her killing Michael and to her imprisonment. It's not a dungeon environment but she's well equipped.

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