Mom rubs my balls story



I got dressed, and walked in the kitchen.

Mom rubs my balls story

My penis filled with blood so fast I almost passed out. And thought of how sexy and pretty and desirable and wicked Ms. Her hands were red hot as the sensation was amazing. Dad had set his bags on the table and was looking thru the fridge. Then remembered I needed to use my words so I galls said yes, I wanted to earn it. I mentioned the jacking off.

And I saw you leaking pre-cum when I let you lick mg pussy. And me.

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She made me pull them all way down just using my mouth. Just like your father was. If you want me to fuck you Michael then you have to pledge your cock to me and only to me.

Mom rubs my balls story

Ashley took it in one hand and told me to get on my knees right there on the bed. Then she made him stand there like that on his tippy toes while she went back inside for a couple of drinks.

Mom and little incident

She kept punching and laughing and I tried to stay still for her. I knew it was close to like having sex. Do you want to do it now honey? Simpson has a mean streak.

Mom rubs my balls story

But Ms. I had to say my dick belonged to her. Help me make my dick go limp.

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As I rubbed her warm vagina up and down with my cock, she moaned and moved forward trying to get penetration from me. Michael Next time try to do better OK darlin.

Mom rubs my balls story

She pinched some skin in the hinge part and I yelped. Slowly I dragged the razor over the edges of her mound. I stepped out still dripping and opened the door just a crack, the steam escaping and cold air rushing in. Putting my head on her chest I drifted off to sleep. A boy with a big dick like yours is old enough to use his words. So yeah, I have a hang up about my big dick.

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It will just make him sad. And of course her musky erotic scent was all over her panties. And a funny thing happened.

Mom rubs my balls story

And when I told her I kind of shot off. She must have ribs it twenty more times after it was limp and shriveled.


Mom dropped the DVD and bent down to pick it up, freezing in her tracks. She made me lay down on my back with my hands still locked behind my head and she told me to spread my legs wide and keep them there. Like a fine facial cream she rubbed the cum all over her face licking her fingers and spreading my jizz on her face more and more.

Mom rubs my balls story

Did you have a nice rest Michael? Soon there was nothing left but a few strays.

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I loved smelling her cunt juice. I was so embarrassed I practically jumped out of my skin when she asked me what I was doing. Then she slammed her fist into my balls three more times and even as I was doubled over in agony and my stomach felt like it was going to rip itself out of my body she pulled my head between her legs again so she could clamp her thighs around me face and push her pussy up hard against my mouth.

And I only busted you in the balls for a few minutes. And it made me even more excited.

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And brushed my hair real gentle and kissed me on the top of my head and said only the good boys got hard when a woman busted their balls. Her breasts, her ass, those thighs, slightly pale skin, long dark blonde hair. It felt so good jy way her fingers slid up and down my erection.

Mom rubs my balls story

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