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My friend in the other building here, Andrea, told me about a motyer young man who used to eye her like crazy. It was the idea of who she was more than how great a fuck she was that was getting to me. She kicked it off and climbed on top of me on the bed. IT was probably the tenth time I had filled her pussy with my seed in the last three days.

Mother in law eats cum

Then her other hand ed it and she began to open my pants. I wasn?

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When I walked in, I was immediately rewarded. Our kiss broke log enough cuj her to say,? The author of this story: Anonymous. It was then that I realized she had on another sexy dress.

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This was a really frank, somewhat erotic speech she was making and it was making my cock stir. She walked to the driver door to insert the key and moved up behind her. I realized mothee watching her that she had already put make-up on. I could not resist. I can? I reached down and slid her dress up so that I could see her. My father-in-law had died about three years earlier. I stopped her long enough to take the remainder of my clothes off.

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It made her figure look quite good. I gulped down my food and drink, thanked her, and made a beeline for the door saying I was late. I confessed.

I was about to get dressed when I heard her call. She stood and sat on the edge of the table.

I kept fucking her onto my cock as she went wild with pleasure. I didn? I pushed her back onto the kitchen table and pulled her ass almost off the edge. No sooner had her orgasm subsided and I announced,?

Mother in law eats cum

Note from the webmaster: authors always appreciate feedback about their stories, so by all means write the author a note if you liked the story! I rammed another shot of cum deep into her and she eatx in pleasure.

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No one will ever know?. She let out a long, low groan as my cock buried into her all the way. My mouth was devouring her tits.

When I walked in using the key she had given me, she was waiting for me. One fuck is all it will take and you? I slipped a finger in the side band and pushed her thong to the side.

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It was basically a front panel and a back panel tied together on either side by a series of thin straps connecting the two panels. She spread her legs wide for me as I stood along side the bed lxw aimed my cock at that tiny, tight hole.

I put mkther things down and went into the kitchen where she sat to say hi. When I finally pulled out of her, I almost fell over. I had never felt such and exquisite pussy in all my life.

I was almost gulping my drink down. I looked up to see a lot of guys watching us. I froze at the door, staring at the sexy woman before me. She had my cock in her hand and was stroking it firmly. I moved slightly so that she was directly over my waiting cock. Please fuck me! She snaked her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. I told her everything was going great with her mother and that I would be home in a few days.

One of them was inadvertently rubbing her erect nipple through her blouse. It was fine. She leaned forward, placing her hand on either side of my chest as she rode up and down on my stiff cock. I lay there next to her panting mothfr the next fifteen minutes.

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I would call my wife, have a nice dinner with her mom, maybe sats some TV, and then go to bed. You know I do. I could feel her nipple harden as I did so. Now, I realize I was a bit drunk, but my cock didn?

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I watched her tits bounce like crazy as I fucked her hard and deep. Oh my, that looks rather tasty too.? She came in,?

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