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I dont think if you got his phone again it would change anything, the damage is already done and reading more will just cause you more pain.

Texting friend wantedthen more maybe

Since English is a language, rather than a culture, it is difficult to teach English learners exactly how to address people. And she lived a distance away. He chose to be with you and have children with you and if its not what he wanted then or what he wants now then its fairer on you and the kids if he just buggers off.

Texting friend wantedthen more maybe

Open profile Continue 1. His reaction to that will tell you everything you need to know about how he actually views you, but I think you are worth so much more than him! If he wants you and the children he needs to man up and change, get a new and sever ties with this other woman.

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I want to know what his intentions are with her? This is you and your childrens lives and if this situation continues itll lead to resentment on both sides which in turn means the children will suffer. Iv had the odd day out drinking in a local city but iv never been out at night around my local town with friends.

If you choose to have kids you choose that life, you did so why hasnt he? Its just wanedthen been thinking about you all morning in between battling the kids to get ready for school and its hard because im not one of the specialists, im not a channel mum helper, im just a woman mayge wants to help.

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Listen to your head not your heart. He wont like it wether someone is present or not because hes been found out.

Texting friend wantedthen more maybe

Youre about to welcome a second baby, perhaps hes spooked by this and having a slight mid life crisis in thinking hes going to be even more tied down and hes just confused. You say you dont want him to miss out on the baby yet hes possibly contemplating ditching Tecting all to be with some other woman who lives far away? Lets look at some facts.

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Hes going to sense youre not yourself so have you thought about confronting him? If thats the case then you could maybe forgive if hes had a wantedtjen night stand or something.

Texting friend wantedthen more maybe

Arm yourself with the facts, see what his excuse is and plan what you want for yours and your childrens future xx January 28,pm 17 Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. She was currently in a relationship and told him that she wantedthwn finish with her bf when she got back but she never did. If you do talk to him dont let him pass blame, bully you or sway you.

Texting friend wantedthen more maybe

He still said bye to me this morning and told me he loved me. Just please dont be swayed by the lies. Kaybe you still have him present at the birth? Would you want her lumbered with some good for nothing who treats her like dirt, lies, possibly cheats and leaves her home to play babysitter while he swans off to enjoy himself?

I we can do it if we really try. I'll try summarise this so it isn't a wall of text. If he had an affair thats worse but in many situations this other woman is usually just fun or an escape while he sorts his head out, thats no excuse obviously but im trying to get into the mind set of a man here.

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Worried about how my son is going to effected also. Think just how many years worth your prepared to put up with this before enough is enough. Is it possible to have a friend in another room when you talk to him just for support? Im not sure what the other ladies think but perhaps youre best getting the facts from the woman first because shes less likely to lie and weedle her way out. What a total arse.

You should ask him how he would feel if it was the other way around?

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X January 28,am 12 I never go out, that all stopped 6 years ago. You have no social life and he does nothing but lie to you and leave you at home and twists everything round to be your fault.

But i feel your pain and its horrible. It will be hard but dealing with this mans disgusting and disrespectful behaviour will be much worse once you have two children to deal with.

Texting friend wantedthen more maybe

Be strong for yourself and your babies xx January 28,am 14 I strongly feel you need someone lingering in the background incase it gets ugly. The l hes hanging about with do you want them around your children?

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